Monday, October 25, 2010

Re-starting Project 365

As you can tell from the previous posts below, I attempted to start Project 365 (wherein I take and post a photo a day, every day, for a whole year) over 3 years ago. I managed to successfully post for nearly 2 months-- 59 photos in all. It wasn't a bad run, considering real life always got the better of me.

But things have changed and evolved since then. Rather than go through the hassle of taking a pic and then connecting my camera or phone to my computer, navigating to Blogger, uploading my photo and then posting, I can now use my smartphone. I found a decent Blogger app that allows me to easily post (and insert pictures!) from my phone.

So, I should have far fewer excuses now to not keep up with this every day. I'm still setting things up at the moment-- configuring the phone app, testing out Twitterfeed to post these blog updates to both my Twitter and Facebook. I'm excited about embarking upon this project again. Be sure to stay tuned! :-)

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