Friday, November 19, 2010

Turtle Pile!

Stack of stuffed turtles. We blame this one on Todd's Aunt Debbie. Why? Well, she and Uncle Ron were the ones who came back from Hawaii, bearing Geronimo (the middle turtle) as a gift for Todd. He was so cute that I promptly fell in love with him, and Allan bought me Pistachio (underneath Geronimo) for Christmas that year. During our last trip to Las Vegas, we stopped by a Hawaiian store, where we picked up the two small turtles on top of Geronimo-- they are named Pinto (the smallest) and Cilantro. And the big pillow pet on the bottom? Also a present from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Ron. His name is Cuscino, which is Italian for pillow. Yes, we named the turtles to follow the "ends with O" pattern on purpose, and yes, we actually do have more stuffed turtles in the house-- they just aren't pictured here ;-)

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