Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big White Bird

Is it a crane? A really tall goose? I see these white feathered friends around our apartment complex fairly often, but am not sure what species they are. Anyone know?


  1. it's an Egret :)They are all over Goleta. When I was a little girl there was one in the same exact place on the side of the freeway every morning when my dad drove me to elementary school. I named him "Whitey" and every morning I'd yell "Hi Whitey" as we drove by. I loved that bird. I also had a fish named "Blacky." I was a really creative animal namer.

  2. Oh awesome, thanks! Now I've learned something new :-) And hey-- your animal naming skills are still more creative than Allan's-- he had a stuffed elephant named "Elephy" :-)