Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Project 365 is Complete!

Whew! One whole year later, my endeavor to post a picture every day for a year is finally over! From Oct 25, 2010 through Oct 24, 2011, my 365 pictures span everything from family to food to outings to funny things observed along the way.

I first attempted Project 365 back in 2007 (which birthed this blog) and only lasted two months before giving up. Oops.

This time, with the convenience of smartphones with built-in cameras and the ability to post directly from my phone (or at least email myself the photo to edit on the computer), it was easier to stay on track.

Still, there were days when I'd rack my brain for ideas. Fortunately, those were usually made up for by days where I had an abundance of photographic ideas, and took several to save for a "rainy day".

By the time I reached around 200 photos, I was feeling a bit burnt out. Motivation and creativity hit an all-time low. Still, I'd come this far-- nearly 2/3 of the way through, and pushed on. I had help-- Allan and Todd supplied lots of good ideas. Sometimes I even tasked Allan to take pics for me, knowing he was going someplace interesting. By the time I hit 266 photos, I was feeling renewed energy-- I had less than 100 to go! I have to say, though, that the last 100 photos felt like they dragged longer than the first couple hundred! The closer I got to my goal, the slower time seemed to go. Isn't that weird?

After a year of constantly being on the lookout for photo opportunities, I still find myself in that mode of "hey, that would make a great picture! Grab the phone!" wherever I go. Rather than let it die out, though, I think I'll continue to take pictures of things that catch my fancy, and continue to use this blog as a photoblog, even though I won't be posting every single day. The blog is already established here, so I may as well keep it up to date, right?

So here we are... a year in the life of Helly, as documented by photos. See you around!

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